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Indoor Air Quality


                                                          Here is a list of Bad

                                                          Air Qualities Factors:

                                                          Bedrooms – dust mites,

                                                          Pet dander, fragrances,


Family rooms – tobacco smoke, wood stoves/fireplaces, unvented space heaters

Bathrooms – plumbing leaks, damp flooring and carpeting, excessive moisture, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, household cleaners, air fresheners

Kitchens – cooking smoke, gas appliances, household cleaning agents, insect debris, viruses and bacteria, garbage pails, plumbing leaks

Attics – outdated insulation, old clothing and bedding, asbestos, dust

Garages – paints and solvents, auto exhaust and gasoline fumes, pesticides and herbicides, carbon monoxide, hobby supplies (like vanishes and glues)

Basements – radon, plumbing leaks, viruses and bacteria, dust

Fireplaces – carbon dioxide,

carbon monoxide,

particle allergens,

chemical pollutants,

and temperature, humidity,

 air pressure issues

Yards – pollen, dust,

pesticides, herbicides

Is your house making you sick?

How clean is the air inside your home?

Does someone in your home have Allergy's or Breathing Problems?

Call Today and Schedule a 30 Minute Test.

We have multiple ways and various budget levels to solve your indoor air quality problems.

Available are systems capable of removing up to 99% of potentially harmful pollutants.

Now doing free indoor air quality testing

Call Gary and Sons at 814-371-4885 to set up an appointment today

Want more information? Here is a case study about a home with a daycare in it. Click Here

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